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Spring Cleaning Tips #1

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Well Spring is here again. The days are longer and the sound of lawnmowers and edgers have already returned to our weekends. Some of us are already getting into our lawns with vigour but for those that would like a tip or two, hopefully the following helps. Weeding Some have more time for this than others but getting on top of weeds early can prevent them from spreading and taking over your lawn, particularly when it comes to clover. Most weeds have a single root structure which make them relatively easy to remove. In most instances, applying a firm grip where the weed comes up from the soil below any leaves is the best way to remove them. Once an established grip is achieved, a patient pull should take the weed and its root system out of your lawn. Yanking often causes the stem to snap, leaving the roots in place to fight another day. However, there are other weeds that are a bit more resilient and require a bit more time to remove them. Clover is at the top of this list. For the patient among us, getting on all fours and pulling out the intricate root system from beneath the intertwining buffalo is the way to go. Don’t expect to get it all the first time around but it can be conquered. If you are not this way inclined, it may be easier to dig out that section of lawn and start again. There are a number of suggestions online on how to manage weeds but if you have any yourself please feel free to share them. The use of some herbicides can also kill your grass as can hot water. Hot water is an old trick to apply to the gaps between the concrete though.   Topsoil A few of us have already sourced some topsoil or lawn mix for our lawns. This is done to cover the root system of your grass and keep it cool so that it can grow well throughout summer and keep a nice green colour. A wheelbarrow, shovel and something to spread the soil evenly along with the better part of a day of the weekend are what is required. The soil can be sourced from places like Shepherds (9608 4255) or Bonnyrigg Garden Centre (9610 5366). The lawn mix contains topsoil, sand and chicken manure and is usually between $55 and $60 per cubic metre. Pure topsoil is a bit cheaper. There is also a delivery charge of $40 – $55. So joining forces with a neighbour is a great way to save costs although some will only deliver to one address.   If you need a wheelbarrow or shovel, say so in this forum and someone may come to your aid.   Finally, kudos to those that have taken the above mentality to the communal or council areas to clean up footpaths. This topic will be discussed in more detail at the Annual General Meeting – more details to come on that...

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