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Changing Your Password and Display Name

»Posted by on Oct 29, 2015 in General | 0 comments

One of the frustrations of a mass set-up list that this website and blog had was that residents (users) were allocated generic information. However, this can be changed. You can assign actual name to your identity rather than being ParkbridgeResident543 or whatever the case is. To change this and your password, head to the top right corner of the page and hover across the area where it says Howdy You will then see the option to ‘Edit My Profile’ You won’t be able to change your username that you log into the site with but you can populate your name and choose how it displays. Password changes are also available there...

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Middleton Grange Town Centre Update

»Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in General | 4 comments

When many of us moved in, there was the presumption that a small shopping centre would be built across the road from Middleton Grange Public School. The impression was that this would always be on the eastern side of the school adjacent to the Serbian Club. After a couple of false starts there is a new concept on the table and its actually on the western side of the school. And what a concept it is in bringing European cosmopolitan living to our part of the world. Have a browse of the developers plans here:¬† Supermarket, cinema, retail, child care, apartments, parks, water fountains. It’s an interesting take so let us know your...

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Resetting of Logins

»Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in General | 2 comments

Hello All,   In an effort to have more people accessing and using the website moving forward, all user logins will be reset to get the notification out there.   Apologies to those that are all set but it is to get things going.   With the Lost Password option on the homepage it is hoped that this too will increase visitation.

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We’re still here

»Posted by on Oct 9, 2015 in General | 3 comments

Hello All,   With the newsletter that you would have received in the post this week it does refer you to keep tabs on the Parkbridge website for updates.   Thanks for checking in.   At this time we’re still working through some content and trying to get everyone online given the false start that the site had last year. Many didn’t get their logins, forgot passwords or are new to the estate so there’s a bit to overcome.   Once this has been established, we will look to recharge the blog with some gusto as well as get the tennis court bookings rolling.   The intention that is if the website is up and running then there is less reliance on the printed paper newsletters which would reduce printing and postage costs that residents currently pay for.   Feel free to comment to get things rolling. Stay tuned and we’ll hopefully see this up and running soon.  ...

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Christmas Event – Cancelled

»Posted by on Dec 9, 2014 in General | 2 comments

Hello All,   Details are yet to be confirmed as we work through ticking things off with Liverpool City Council and suppliers but we are looking at doing the following:   Family Movie Night Tuesday 23 December 2014 7pm Bristol Park (the park nearest to the M7)   A movie is yet to be selected although it has been suggested that it not be Frozen, for the benefit of neighbouring residents. The Lego Movie is an early favourite but happy to hear alternative suggestions. So mark the date in the calendar and hopefully all details can be confirmed by the end of the week. To best gauge numbers and hence the required size of the screen, posting comments as to whether you would attend and how many people you would have with you that would be much appreciated. This event is intended for Parkbridge residents and their families...

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