Did your dog do a do-do?

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Summer’s here!

That means enjoying the walking paths and the sunshine.

For those of us with canine companions they tend to join us on said walking paths.

One unsightly, obstructive, messy and smelly result of this is dog poo being left on footpaths, nature strips and in parks.

As dog poo can contain bacteria such as E.Coli and apparently can take a year to break down, the onus is on owners to pick up after your pets.

dog duty

This can impact all Parkbridge residents from poo on the shoe to some innocent child potentially putting poo where they put most things, in their mouths.

So when you walk your dog/s, please bring a bag to collect it and dispose of it in your bin when you return home. Using the bags from the supermarket is a sure way to go about it without investing in the little capsule with bags that hangs from your belt.

If your dog is a bit more prolific after being so excited for going for a walk, then perhaps a few bags would be suitable.

We don’t want to get to a stage where we have to erect bag dispensers along the walking path or start posting photos of dogs bums and asking “Does this belong to you?”


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