Middleton Grange Town Centre Update

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When many of us moved in, there was the presumption that a small shopping centre would be built across the road from Middleton Grange Public School. The impression was that this would always be on the eastern side of the school adjacent to the Serbian Club.

After a couple of false starts there is a new concept on the table and its actually on the western side of the school.


And what a concept it is in bringing European cosmopolitan living to our part of the world.

Have a browse of the developers plans here: http://middletongrange.net/


Supermarket, cinema, retail, child care, apartments, parks, water fountains.

It’s an interesting take so let us know your thoughts.


  1. This looks fantastic and if what they build (if they ever do) is half a good as this proposal looks we will all be winning. So when do they start and how long will it take?
    It would be really great to just get a shopping center within walking distance of our estate, 5 years on we are still waiting…….zzzzzz

    • I enquired on the website, expecting to start building in 2016 , completing construction in 2020

  2. This looks really great and like the person above said, if it is even half of this it would be really good.

    Has any of this been approved by council?

  3. the site is currently for sale on realcommercial.com.au 7.41 hectares . they are going to need a serious consortium to get this baby off the ground!! look great!

    opposite Masters i believe is going to be a retail complex currently leasing- which will help in the interim . ALDI apparently the anchor tenant ..

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