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Dear Owners,


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  1. I think you may need to amend the Gross vehicle weigh of allowed vehicles to park in the estate.
    Im all for the very large trucks not parking here but the 2 tonne is unreasonable.
    My Holden Commodore is almost 1.7 tonne.

    “No vehicles including trucks with a gross weight in excess of 2 tonnes are permitted to stand on any part of a lot, road or in the Community Parcel.”

    This would mean ALL vans in the area plus Utes that carry work tools AND most 4 wheel drives won’t be able to park here.

    A small HiAce van has a Gross vehicle mass weight of 2800 Kg as an example and a Porsche Cayenne (there are a few here) weigh 2035 kg .
    A Jeep on the lower end curb weight is also over 2 tones.

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