Resetting of Logins

» Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in General | 2 comments

Hello All,


In an effort to have more people accessing and using the website moving forward, all user logins will be reset to get the notification out there.


Apologies to those that are all set but it is to get things going.


With the Lost Password option on the homepage it is hoped that this too will increase visitation.


  1. Hello,

    I really appreciate this. I think it is important to bring (and keep) the community together and keep them well informed.

    My main concern is while resetting accounts will increase visitation to a certain degree, there is nothing really to keep people coming back. Community updates to date have been light and there are little to no community events.

    I would be happy to get more involved to help drive community engagement from an online perspective if this type of service would be seen as beneficial.


  2. Sold!

    I’ll contact you direct and see what we can do. There is a newsletter we can send to people too from the website.

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